whats my car worth??


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hi guys, ive just recently got a new job which will require me to get public transport to work, yes public transport:banghead: so toying with the idea of getting rid of the audi for a cheaper run around.just after a rough idea of what my car is worth,its just the basic model with no toys as such, heres the stats:

gmbh bodykit
19'rs6 wheels

not sure if theres anything else i need to put include in the stat list?
cheers lads


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Mileage would probably be useful, also if/when the cambelt/water pump was done.
Also if you've still got the original alloys, I'd put them back on as many buyers would be put off but what they'd see as MaxPower wheels, or at least give the buyer the option to go back to stock.


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ah crap yer mileage i knew there was something. mileage is 110k, it will be having its service and mot done this wednesday so the pump and cambelt will be getting done then. i dont have original wheels unfortunately as the car came with the rs6s but at least there audi wheels albeit reps


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CHRIS 20 stafford audi are offering a cambelt change for only £279 at the moment mate.
hope this helps you out.