What's my car worth? 2009 A3 Black Edition

Avus Sportback

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Hi guys,

Hope this is the right section to post this thread, I am toying with the idea of buying an A7 but would like your thought on what you think my car is worth.

2009 A3 2.0 TDI 170 Black Edition (Ibis White) Sportback
Full heated Black Leather
Later RNS-E Sat Nav
Cruise Control
Genuine Rotor Alloys
Open Sky Roof (twin sunroof)
Full Audi Service History, Cam belt and water pump just been done
66k miles
Rear Parking Sensors
Audi AMI for IPod, IPhone, HDD




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Since the scandal, everythings dropped by 1.5k approx...I know mine has.

hollows wife

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10k easy


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11k sounds right to me


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Looks tidy.

The plus points for me with your car is the pan roof which is a nice addition and costly option if I recall

Where did you get the cam and water pump changed? If with Audi the car comes with a lifetime of MOTs and some form of insurance in the event there's an issue during the MOT to the tune of £750.

Full heated seats implies you have rear heated seats too, correct?

It's a 170 too rather than the 140

Make sure all of the above are well stated in case you are selling and will attract more buyers over and above a standard BE.

Avus Sportback

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Thanks for the advice, your right it is front heated seats only, just need to get some more pennies together for the A7.