What's it worth


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Hi all,

Sorry if in wrong area but thinking of selling my a4 and wanted to know what you all think it's worth, absolutely love the car but been offered a deal through work that is very tempting.

The car is the following:

2007 audi a4 avant 3.0tdi sline Quattro manual
sprint blue with silver mirror caps
bose sound system
Milltek exhaust (sounds amazing btw if your thinking about fitting one)
bluefin set up (280-290bhp)
very good condition throughout

Have a price I think it's worth just wanting to know fom the wider community, any response would be great

cheers all ollie


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I'd guess around the £7k mark. When I was looking a few months ago for another B7, the prices are all over the place. Very high milers for £4500ish upto £12k for a low mileage special editions.