What's it worth?


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Hi Guys,

I've had my 54 plate A4 Avant (last of the B6's) for a few years and I'm desperate to upgrade to a Le Mans A6 3.0tdi!

Sadly, I can't afford the A6 at the moment but with a bit more saving and skimping I might make the jump.

So, what would my A4 be worth to allow me to work out what total I need in my back pocket for the A6.

This isn't an ad!!

A4 Avant - 54 Plate Late B6 1.9TDI Quattro Sport
140k on the clock
Good and Full Service History with all receipts and has been well looked after
Cruise Control - Alacantra Seats
RS6 Rear Antiroll bar
Braided brake lines
New Tyres and recent Cambelt and Waterpump
Very good condition inside

Bad bit is the front wings - how much would this knock off? They are knackered and for £400 I can get them seen too - but would it be worth it?

What do people think - on trader I see some going for £4.5k with similar miles and OK bodywork!

Any thoughts people?



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If your research shows £4.5k then it's probably somewhere near, unfortunately our mods never really add much to the overall value.

You mean RS4 rarb I'm sure?


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i think to get 4.5k u would need wings done and fixed spot on, trouble is there are plenty about at the moment deffo a buyers market not sellers :(


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Nope I would say its desirable to say the least.

Think it's best getting wings done as probably only worth 2 -2.5k without them done....

Thanks so far guys :)


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~Do people think my car is rare or casts a premium?

If in good nick - I do have an issue whereby I need to have both wings painted and done and it's still on original clutch - trying to weigh up the cost of that if it's worth it for a decent sale...


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1.9q's are fairly rare, but I think that means they hold their value rather than attract a premium. At the end of the day even the newest B6 is still the best part of ten years old and (on average) have over 100k miles on it.


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Yeah you maybe right James - what's the consensus on value then, a good condition inside and out with cambelt water pump service history and clutch all done - I reckon should easily be £3500....

With the wings and clutch not done £2k......

So the question is do I tart it up or not, or just get rid of at £2k...

Mike B

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The time to sell would be after a bad winter as my son did with his 02 and he got more than he paid the previous summer.Spending or selling with a car at this age is a matter of personal choice.I have had an 04 2.5 Q Avant for a few years and its just had an MOT with no advisories so its staying although I have always enjoyed switching.Luckily I have a Spitfire to interest me and my wife insists on keeping her Bora V5 which needs TLC at 176k.My son also spends most of his spare time in my garage with his S3.If it was only the A4 I would be getting a little bored I wouldn't be worried about the clutch.The S3 has just had an new uprated one at 120k and the old one doesn't look more than half worn.


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I was going to say clutch/flywheel and wings would probably end up being the best part of £1500 quid so I would just say stick it up at £2500 and see if it shifts. There's no point messing around and wasting time if it's not going to make you any more money above and beyond the cost of repairs.

But after thinking some...if you really wanted to hustle it you could get the wings done so the car looks fresh(er), try and get a cheap-**** clutch, forget the flywheel and hopefully if you've got a mechanic mate to help fit it then you should be able to sell it for a reasonable amount and still be quids in.

Just my stupid thoughts :blahblah1: so please feel free to ignore me. I know I do most of the time!!!


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Right thanks guys so far that's great.

Bascially I think the car is worth probably £2k as it is....

Wings I can get for £140 (I know that price) Painting and fitting will be at least £350 for a decent job so call that £500.

I can get the clutch for £700 fitted with fly wheel as well (I know that price) so it's going to be £1200 in total at least to fix up.

It will be very good condition then - no other rust, great condition interior and loads of history and well looked after....so it's about what it be worth like that....

£3500 - so is it worth fixing it all up for about an extra £200 or so....probably not....quite a hassle.....but if I could stretch it to £4k then maybe it would but doubt anyone would go for it with 141k miles at that price even as a quatty!



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I searched for months for mine fella,and found ANY 1.9q's did not stick around long at 3500-4000k no matter the condition, and everyone I enquired about had loads of interest, some with that mileage and mint were even asking 4-5k.
If you want to gauge some interest, wait for a free listing weekend on ebay,stick it on as it is and see how it gets on,then it won't cost you anything to end it early.


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I paid £3150 for a 2004 2.5tdi sport quattro in very good condition and 86k on the clock. Hope this helps