Whats it worth?


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New house purchase may force the sale of my beloved A3 :sob:

As a result any ideas on valuation?
Car spec is as per signature with 33K on the clock and FASH



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What year/plate is it?


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Thought I forgot something ... 59 plate. Registered in Sept 2009 so still has 6 months warranty.


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Just have a look on Autotrader and see what similar age/spec ones are going for.
That is the best indicator of what you'll get for yours if selling privately.


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When it comes to optional extras, most of them make the car more saleable, but don't necessarily add to its used value.

Retail price should be in the area of £18k. A dealer will offer you around £15k, so if you're selling privately somewhere between the two.

Interestingly, the Start-Stop version came out later in 2009 and has slightly lower values indicating the used market is a little wary of it.


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Sorry been away for a few days. Cheers for the info guys.
You being serious Robust? ;-)