What's it realistically worth?


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I have a 2008 B7 2.0 T FSI Special Edition. It has all the S-Line kit and the following options:

6 disc changer
Bluetooth with cradle in armrest
Bose Speakers
Folding Mirrors
Black Special edition and grill
Tyres are brand Pirelli on front and Michelin on rears replaced 2000 miles ago
Automatic with Paddle shift

Alloys have no kerbing what so ever. I am the second owner from new. 29,000 on the clock. Full Audi Service History

Car is in excellent condition and has been kept overnight in a garage it's entire life.

I am hankering after a Q5 but would like to know what I could realistically expect to get for mine first.



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£8k on a good day, you will get more from a stealer on trade in if you negotiate hard.


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hard to say
id say around 10k
with the miles and it been special ed
but its a buyers marlet at the min and alot of cars are going for a lot less than there value
as above trade in may be your best option.


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Thanks for your replies , a little disappointed was hoping to get more but, on a positive hopefully the car I buy next will be cheaper too!


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Its all over the shop - i bought the exact same spec car as yours, special ed etc on a 56/2007 car - 72k miles - £7k

I'd say £8k is more realistic, the B8 cars are coming down in price quickly now so you'll struggle there...


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Just thought I would update the thread, went on autotrader and the ones similar to my spec were priced 12k plus, priced mine at 11,995 and got asking. Was very pleased with that.


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good result there mate, what did you replace with?