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Whats in the value of a car ?

gokiwi64 May 9, 2018

  1. gokiwi64

    gokiwi64 Guest

    So kind of related to "splbounds" post on the 3.2 Timing Chain Noise.
    I was thinking that and I guess it applies to all cars that does it really matter what the age of the car and how much it costs to keep it on the road ?

    So FrankenAudi is 14 years old with 127000 miles on the clock, that's about right for an average 9000 miles per year.

    Now I know I need to spend about £3500 to get all the issues sorted and that would leave me with a car that should last at least for years - normal maintenance there after.

    However he is 14 years old and fuel economy isn't great, gearbox and drivetrain could fail and would be expensive to repair/replace etc.

    But if you add the purchase price £2000 plus what ive already spent £1000 plus what needs spending £3500 and I'm happy with that then does it really matter ?

    This against maybe a car currently worth £1000 and then buying a new car for say between £5000 - £10000 that you still run the risk of major component failure and similar cost repair bills.

    Cant make up my mind what the right path to go down is.
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  3. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Never buy a car as an investment, even classics with cheap parts are prone to failure due to lack of use/age, don't get me wrong people can make money off car's but I just stick to fixing what I've got rather than picking up another used car with potential undocumented issues.
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  4. joinerman

    joinerman Registered User

    Better the devil you know.
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  5. plasticpenguin

    plasticpenguin Registered User

    You can throw as much or as little money as one likes on cars. Really depends on whether the OP thinks it's worth the extra investment.

    Owner of Alfa Romeos, second hand values aren't great... I know of Alfa owners who scrap their cars because the dampers need renewing. IMHO that's bonkers. Different strokes...

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