what year


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im sure this has been asked before but i cant find it what year did the sport become the s.line and was the s.line just petrol and also apart from the log book saying its s.line what are the other things to show it ie did they all come with door blades wheel size was that 17 or 18"


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They're all early 2004 from what I've seen, and all are 190bhp 1.8 T's, both in fwd and quattro. They have 18" RS6 style 5 arm wheels, perforated leather wheel and gearstick gator (and handbrake?) and they have S-Line badges in the rear doors. Visually the door blades are the same as Gmbh Sports. I think they also have black roof linings as well as S-Line badged metal door shut trims. The V5 will also state the model.


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The late sports looked like the slines outside apart from the dual exhausts as it is the same kit.

The sline badging then replaced the sport as a trim not engine spec
From about 2004 onwards (some late 2003's?) the Sports had the S-line front and rear bumpers, but NOT the S-Line badges or door sills.