What would you pay for my car?

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Mar 30, 2013
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Hi all,

I have been contemplating changing my car recently and after nearly dropping dead at the "market value" trade in price for it I would only look to sell it privately. I was wondering what fellow Audi enthusiasts would value my car at so I don't under/over price it if I choose to sell? Just had my first child, so genuine reason for sale.


2006 S3 2.0 TFSI
63,000 miles
Dolphin Grey
Rear Tints
Standard Engine
Standard Exhaust
Full Leather Interior in Red and Black - great condition for age
Sat Nav
BOSE System
6 CD Changer in Glove Box
German Style Pressed Number Plates
Lowered on AP Coilovers (with box and old standard S3 suspension)
19" BBS CK Alloys - 12 months old
Falken Tyres with good tread all round
Full Audi Service History
Last Serviced with MOT in December around 60,000 miles
2 Keys
Paintwork in good condition with the usual stone chips here and there
Belt kit all changed previously at 57,000 miles
Discs and Pads replaced 6 months ago front and back
MOT until December
Tax until September

Couple of pictures below; Let me know your thoughts people!

S3 12 06 14

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Suppose we can do this auction style.

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Low mileage, I'd say £12500 is your top end if mint
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£9800-£11300 depending on condition
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These kind of threads are always difficult to respond to without risk of offending the OP. However, if you take all this on the chin as it's only individuals opinions after all, then here go's. IMO I'd say anywhere between £7.5k and £9.5k all depends on overall condition. The suspension and wheels you've added won't add value unless you find someone that wants your car and spec exactly. If you want top £ for yours I'd return it back to standard and sell the extra's separately.
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Cheapest one on autotrader below 70000 miles is 11500 but 2007
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cheers for the feedback guys, much appreciated. maybe i will just hang onto it!
11.5 - 12k

i'd put it back to standard though, you'll get more interest that way
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I agree with Daver555 and Smurfworth, return it to stock, people can be put off mods because they think it's been thrashed or for enthusiasts, they probably want a stock car to begin with and to mod it as they want. The FASH will be attractive and you could sell your BBS separately and get more money for them. I put mine in webuyanycar.com when I bought 0mine earlier this year and it came up with a valuation of £9900, you could try that site as well to get a ballpark figure to start with.
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Good looking car I'd imagine you'd sell fairly easy.
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