What was this guy thinking??


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I think that steering wheel looks awful, rear view mirrors a touch large also. apart from that im speechless!!!!!:ohmy:
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Thanks for that, my lunch is now on my keyboard!

That is awful.

scott b

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What a prize bellend!

How come he isn't wearing the burberry cap?
I think his impreza must be parked somewhere else.


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i think the out side is ok but get read of all the black parts but there is just no reson to kill a cars inside that way lucky he has tints


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people may be jumping to say bad things about it, but hey come on guys, this dude has put a lot of effort into his ride to make it look how he wants it to, personaly i dont feel his style is to my tastes, lose the Burberry and you have got a half decent custom job there,


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Im with the general consensous here, as a project he has made an awsome job and obviuosly spent buckets of cash doing it, however the interior...

Its like going to the time and expense of managing to get a date with Keeley Hawes then taking her to Wetherspoons for a beer and burger meal...you just don't do it!!!

ummm, beer and a burger... :yum:


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Just found a better shot of the owner


and his previous car.. i suppose the audi isnt quite so bad