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Ok guys, I’m looking into buying a good small vacuum cleaner just to use in the car, at the moment I’m using the household Dyson which quite frankly is rubbish, sorry if there’s a thread on this already, any recommendations please, don’t want Uber expensive but neither want cheap that packs in quickly?

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I use a SharQ hoover, got it from Costco. Decent battery length, hand held and does a cracking job, better than the Dyson handheld we used to have

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Yes I have a handheld hoover, hoover brand, it’s ok like but not good at all on the car. Really really gets in the way and is very annoying lol.

Need a flexible-hose and tools for the end.

I think anything with decent suction and a flexible-hose is the answer

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We had a perfectly good Dyson drag-around jobby for the hoos, which did the job well, but the missus fancied one of those G-Tech cordless upright things. I was very supportive of her decision. Dyson now lives in the garage :whistle2:
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