What tyres work well on the S3...

Hi All,

I'm new to S3 ownership and need to change my tyres shortly.

I am a big fan of Avon tyres but curious as to what others are running - I am on standard 17" rims and have no plans to change the wheels any time soon.

Many thanks


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I have the 18” RSTT wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Really nice grippy tyre. Not a bad word to say about them.

I suppose they’re a little pricey but you can get savings if you buy online etc.


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Another +1 for Michelin pilot sport 4's
Black circles or camskill is where I'd look for decent prices


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Continental contact sport 5’s on mine, no issues but will go PZERO’s or PS4’s next

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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3's from Camskill here.

Interested to hear feedback on the newer Asymmetric 5's.
If you are anywhere near a Costco and know someone with a card they regularly have deals on Michelin / Bridgestone / Goodyear.
I got four Michelin PS4 225/45/17 fitted for £275.95 back in March.
Thats a damm good price! Best I have found on the Michelin PS4's fitted is £336.
Yep the offer was £60 off their 'normal' price. Current Costco offer is £50 off 4 Bridgestones in 17 inch size or £70 off 18 inch. Offer runs to Sunday 25th but there will be another one next month.


Never seen them offer this sort of tyre before but that’s an incredible price (obv wrong size for OEM S3 but may work for some)


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dunlop sport maxx rt works well on dry and wet. I didn't try the new rt2 version, but I used 3 sets of the first version. I only swap with Michelin Pilot Sport 4.
Previously I tried 2 sets of Bridgeston Potenza ra050a I dind't like it.


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PS4’s on the m3 which are considerably better than the p zeros that they replaced. Have goodyear f1 5’s on the a3 which again replaced p zeros, also a decent improvement