What Type of Audi do you have and why?


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Hi Guys.

I have an A3 Cabriolet.

why because we get 300 days of sunshine a year, so have lots of days the top can be down and I still have boot space for my shopping.:yes:


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I have an S5 Coupe.

Why? Because I want a car that has the potential to do 0-60 in 3.8s, 0-100 in 8.9s, and flat out do 180 yet I can stick it in 'Economy' mode and and pootle round town doing at least 21mpg. It even has a boot for my missus shopping trips. Other than being a heavy lump it's almost perfect for my needs, and seeing we get 190 days of rain a year I have Quattro rather than a sunroof!
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I have a 2001 A3 Quattro Sport. Because it was all i could afford to buy/insure when i was 21 :p


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Still driving an 8L S3 after 13 years because I can't afford an R8!... Yet.


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I have a B7 A4 3.0TDi Quattro automatic. It's a TDi because I wanted a lot of power combined with reasonable fuel costs. It's Quattro so that all of the power and torque gets to the road, and means that when it snows unexpectedly and the Highways Agency is caught off guard (i.e. every year), I can still drive it. It's a 3.0 because I cannot bear engines with fewer than six cylinders. It's automatic because stamping your foot on a clutch pedal thousands of times a day is the most pointless waste of energy and effort in the history of mankind.
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Audi S3 :) because I wanted something with 4WD, as FWD was no good!


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I have an 8P S3 Sportback in Sprint Blue. Purchased in the downturn of 2009 and I got a cracking discount. I purchased due to the following requirements

1. Had to match the BHP on the outgoing car which was a BMW 330D.
2. 5 doors.
3. Fun to drive.
4. Fun to drive in the snow (which ruled out another BMW!)
5. Good value for money.
6. Styling was important both inside and out.
7. Sporty appearance but, not 'over the top'.

S3 ticked all the boxes and we still have it as a second car.


I have a RS3 because it's understated, not many people know what it is, you don't see loads of 'em around, it's practical and suits my needs, with subtle OEM mods can be improved lots and that 5 cylinder 2.5L engine is a work of genius. :kissmyrings:

Oh and it's fast, very fast !!!!


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Ah some cool cars there, I've got an A4 B6 avant, 1.9 tdi quattro, love these engines and haven't had a quattro before. It weights a bit but being so practical it's is the ideal car.


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A4 B8 because i like big cars and it looks quality :)


A MK5 Golf GT Tdi, why? Because my A5 3.0 Tdi was sadly written off in the floods a few months back! On the plus side I will be picking up my new SQ5 next week. Wanted an S5 but my annual mileage is just way too high.


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I have an S3 8L because it is a rare breed amongst hatches, fast, subtle and 4wd :yes:

Oh and I haven't quite got enough saved to buy my R8 just yet :sign_unfair:

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got an 8L S3, only got it as i was in need of a car as my celica broke and it was close to me, was meant to be getting a celica gt4 ST205 with the money but there wasnt one near to me :(


A3 2.0TDI Black Edition - 140BHP.

- A3 for the size. I wasn't ready to get a 'dad' car yet (anything bigger than a hatchback!).
- Sportback because my former car was 3 doors and I hated people stepping on my door cills climbing into the back.
- Diesel for economy driving to / from work (motorway).
- 140BHP because the 170 was too much to insure when I first got it at 21 years old (the 140 cost me around £2k to insure at first!)
- Black Edition because I was going to get a 170 S-line but opted for less power and more extras instead (due to insurance cost).
- I wish I had quattro though. Preferably attached to a RS6 Avant.


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B8 S4

-S3 wasn't available in the US when I bought the S4 :(
-Quick, maybe a bit too quick as I rarely get chance to use it's power in the city.
-Quattro, after previously having my FWD A3 2.0 TDi, I feel more confident in harsh weather with Quattro.
-Classy styling


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B7 S4 Cabriolet.
I had owned and modified a Skyline GTR R32 for several years but was spending so much time modifying and not enough time driving.
Decided to sell the GTR [huge mistake] and my daily driver Mondeo ST TDCi and replace with a car I would be happy with.
Did not want another turbo charged car and wanted four seats, a bit sporty and convertible.
Only real options were the Audi or BMW M3. But I see several M3s every day and not many B7 S4 though there are several S5.
The meaty engine in the S4 is also a funtastic unit and the only performance mod required is the exhaust though I am holding fire on that ...


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I got the S8 because I wanted a fast, discrete car for business... and it ticks every box perfectly... and of course, it's "the Ronin car"

then I had a real brainless moment and decided to get the RS6 as well.... and then started to modify it to make a fast car, very fast...

not really sure why I have the RS... except... well it's mental, and again quite discrete... going by the comments that it's nothing more than a tarted up diesel car by one gansta suberoooo owner... that bad boy was pushin nearly 300 brake! wow....


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Audi RS3. And for why: Thursday 13th October 2011, we went to Stafford Audi to collect our re-clutched S3 and found they had a RS3 demonstrator, oh sh*t! And in Misano red too...

After much sales persuasion (and I refused a number of times, just couldn't afford one) I agreed to take a road test. Less than a mile into a 10-mile run I was totally sold: the engine, brakes and gearbox were amazingly brilliant, I was shaking with excitement. Except for the five doors this machine really had ticked all the boxes.

3-days later and we'd found and purchased this animal:


And BLUEY still ticks ALL of the boxes, and that's after a VERY WET Audi Experience day at Silverstone on Wednesday last with the Audi R8 V10 Plus, Audi RS4, and Audi TTRS Plus...

This car's mine for a long time yet.:thumbsup:


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Audi A3 2009 8P3 1.8 TFSI 3 door

-Cheap to insure, £600 and I'm 21 3 years driving exp and 2 years ncb
-Very little reported issues
-Can do great MPG when required 50mpg at 65mph
-Quicker than the diesel variants
-Sounds decent in standard form and I love the turbo whistle that comes in high up the rev range
-Very rare engine
-For its power there is no petrol car out there that has cheaper running costs
-Very underrated as in standard form it's as quick as a polo gti
-Similar tunability to the 2.0 tfsi as the engines are pretty much identical

Will probably replace it with an A3 8V 1.8 tfsi Quattro as the only down side is that a Quattro option wasn't available in the 8p


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Audi A4 B6 1.8 T Sport

Fancied something quick (for me, although I'm now getting used to it)
Very practical
Mpg okay, but I didn't buy it to poodle about in
Cheaper insurance
Love how the car feels to drive.

Although I am considering selling it and buying the A3 3.2 V6 Quattro Sport


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I have a RS5 because it was the next step up from my B8 S4 Avant.
A 1996 2.6 V6 Audi convertible for fun in the sun and putting a smile on my face with the exhaust tone, and a '09 2.0T A4 Avant because I enjoy getting butt f****d by Audi for the cost of an engine rebuild at 66,000 miles...

I'm not feeling bitter, honestly!


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B8.5 S4 Avant.

Because it's probably the most complete allrounder out there. I can load it full of sh1t, trunk up and down a motorway or hoolie about on A roads. It's also good on juice (for it's performance).

There was simply nothing else out there that is as versatile, that can be all cars in 1 (and I didn't want a 335i Touring), and day-to-day there isn't much else on the road that can live with it when you put the hammer down.

Vanessa said:
why because we get 300 days of sunshine a year

And it's a quattro, and we have 365 days of rain a year :)


A4 2.0 TDi 140 S-Line.

Step up from our Mk4 Golf, but more-so because I've been told "we need a family car because we're ready for kids".



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havnt got one yet but looking to get an a3 auto diesel for my wife after our hols in august, she thinks they look nice, they keep thier price well looking at 03 04 plate they are around £2500 to £3000ish with anything from 130,000miles on the clock.


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B7 2.0 TFSI Convertible, had it 5 years now and quite happy up to this year when the oil pump took out the cogs costing 2 and half grand to fix.
Cant afford a replacement as yet, only 51 thou on the clock, in good nick so reluctant to sell as we have looked after it.


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Audi A3 1.6 TDI S-Line Sportback 2010 5 doors black, why? because I was originally going to buy BMW series 3 but got distracted by A3 body (external and internal). Cost a bomb but worth it! Brought it 8 months ago and already rack up 11k miles :p


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Audi A4 B8 S-Line

Why? Well I wanted the S4 but her indoors asked if we really needed to, so I compromised! However she does like the R8 so in the future could possibly trade up for one.


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I have a A4 B6 convertible 1.8T, love it to bits but not really practical when you have horses. Great for this weather though!


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Audi A4 B8 S-Line

Why? Well I wanted the S4 but her indoors asked if we really needed to, so I compromised! However she does like the R8 so in the future could possibly trade up for one.

Ah, you had that conversation too hey....:)

...difference was I said "ooooohhhh yes"


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A4 b7 3.0tdi cabriolet.

Why, fxxxked if I know, it rains constantly and I own a caravan and a dog.

Suppose the absolute stupidity just appealed to me.


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A5 2.0tfsi coupe,
Well i have always loved the 5 coupe! Them curves, the fatness, the lowness of them plus the first car to have proper led drl's made it a must have!
So good looking in my opinion!
I needed one!
I went for petrol this time as the previous car, (A4 B7 avant s line derv) had a shocking derv engine in a beautiful looking car, but found I did not need the space, nor the economy so chose proper car!

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A4 B8 S Line in Phantom Black Pearl.
Came over from an A3 S Line Quattro.
Why?? Because I needed the bigger car and they look bad *** especially in black.

Agree with Chez aswell the LED Drls and tails look sweet.


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B8 S5 in Ibis White with 20" OEM Speedline Alloys.

Why, cos of the looks, the performance, the gadgets and, oh yes, that V8 sound:icon_thumright: