What Track Toy to go for?

If I was to get another track toy it would be a 106. They don't cost a lot, lots of parts available and some bargains to be had for already caged and track focused cars.
They are light, easily tuned to get a decent power to weight ratio comparable with 2.0l cars.
My red GTI had a power to weight of 220bhp per ton.
You dont want a too light a car for track use as mad as it sounds, good weight distribution is a must for a good track car.

Mate with a Starlet GT Turbo running 225+ bhp and weighing a little under 800kgs and its fast in a straight line but not as fast as you would think on track. Its has 4 pot Willwood brakes at front and under braking the rear just wants to lift so effectively has 2 contact patches to slow down. Yes you could say more load on the front but the rear tyres and brakes provide no resistance plus gives an unstable rear end, you also cannot trail brake because the rear ends so light it slids out.

During cornering the rear skips very badly on the smallest of bumps so less grip plus when he accelerates hard out of a corner the front lifts up a lot due to the power which gives even less load on the tyres, less grip. Its fun but a handful and not fast I dont think.

Its has all the mods you would need, LSD, Suspension, Power, Brakes, Cooling. Its got everything but its too light. Wouldnt like to know what the weight distribution is.
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some of the guys on the 306 forum are running charged 6's with nearly 300bhp low boost and 350 high boost

6's aint too light these days until completely stripped. Nice to drive though. Nowadays though you wont find one under 120k for a decent price. Pretty decent engine but its the rest of the car id worry about
Clio 172 Cup without a doubt.

My old one...


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Ye I think they are very good cars the DC2's. I done a tunnel run with a load of jap car recently and the DC2's were very very quick even in standard form.
Just gotta watch out for dodgey ones. My mate bought one, Mint on the outside and the interior was good. Few good mods on it and was good money. Peeled back the rear quarter interior panels to find both inner wings were rusted to hell and would have pretty much written off the car replacing so broke the car and sold the bits :(

Other wise DC2`s are awesome. You`d want a JDM spec 98+
3 words: Emgee Fu*king Midget!

650-700kg, rear wheel drive and you can stick whatever lump in it you want!

1.8 VVC K-Series has been done plenty of times, but how about a 1.8T 20v? Now that would be a fun and very quick car!
i'd say ITR but then thats being slightly biased with my Honda tinted specs