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What to use to seal new wheels

harley141213 Oct 1, 2020

  1. harley141213

    harley141213 Registered User


    as above, my new rims should be here today and I’m eager to get them fitted. However I’ve heard that some people seal them??

    I want to protect them from the brake dust and usual crud that gets ingrained, so what would be the recommendation?

    would it be an on line product or something from local car spares shop. How is it best applied ?


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  3. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    Depends what you're after. Ceramic coating would be the longest lasting and best protection.

    I've used Carbon Collective Platinum Wheels and means most dirt will just be blasted off and and APC and Brush for the remaining bits.

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  4. harley141213

    harley141213 Registered User

    Ok thanks.

    mill look out for that
  5. Nickyc

    Nickyc Registered User

    Yeah, really depends what you are after. If they are already off then decon them and ceramic coat them. Mine have never come off, so whenever I clean them I seal them with turtle wax dry and shine and rinse that off. Gives me more than enough protection until the next wash.
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  6. Jimbob76

    Jimbob76 Roof Rails Enthusiast

    :iagree: About this time last year I had the wheels of for a full decon clean (tar remover and iron fall-out remover), and ceramic coasted them with G-techniq C5 wheel armour. Which has been great. The C5 is supposed to last about a year, but I'm not sure I'm gonna refresh it this Autumn as, like @Nickyc, I've been using Turtle Wax Dry and Sine on the wheels as part of my regular wash routine (as m'wheels are still in very good shape and don't really need to come off again yet for a full decon clean). Just spritz the TW D&S on, and rinse it off - this seals the wheels and provides excellent water repellency. As long as you're keeping on top of your car and washing pretty regularly, this approach provides decent protection for your wheels.

    A proper ceramic coating is probably still best practice, and if you're after some hints and tips on how to do this, then this guide will hopefully help you:

    Hope this helps buster.
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