What to look out for when collecting your new A3/S3


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Hi guys,

Trying something a bit more collaborative with the latest video and provide owners with some of the good things to look out for when collecting their cars.

I've added a few in the video but intend to regularly update the list.

Let me know down below for any you think we should add:

1) check the passenger door closes easily
2) if buying a used edition1 (check it has electric seats)
3) if buying a pre-built/used car check for wireless carplay
4) report any warning lights immediately in writing - to help you in the long term
4) check your car has the correct puddle lights
5) check for loose panels / squeaking such as gear surround, virtual cockpit surround and folding mirrors .
6) check the piano black trims for scratches - this can be present on brand new cars.
7) add here
8) add here
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