What to look out for when buying an RS3 8P


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I’m going to look at a car next weekend, a black 8P.

I currently own a TTRS 8J but now need to be able to get my little one in it, which is absolutely impossible with a TT that has wingbacks.

So I’m after any advice on what ti look out for, any common issues owners on here have had or even not so common issues that have cost you a lot to repair, and how to test/detect them. I know the injectors is a big one and this car hasn’t had them replaced. Although saying that my TT has had no issues in my 4.5 years of ownership (touch wood).

Any help or insight absolutely appreciated!



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Ours, an 8P RS3, ours from new; and other than slow-speed brake squeal AND so easily sorted - if you know how and oh how I wish AUDI UK and GmbH had/would listen - with NO issues at all!

We also have an 8J 2010 TT, and looked many times at swapping for a TTRS, but still have our humble TT!!! So can compare with your TTRS and our 8P RS3 easily - must be the way we drive 'em

We find the 8P RS3 as superb machine, and for sure would not contemplate later XYZ options - reading the forever moanings herein - but then that's us.

If you need 8P RS3 Pricing and Specification data, PM me.

Otherwise, get rid of that TTRS, go 8P RS3, and enjoy:

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