What to look out for when buying a used car?


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Hello all,

Looking at buying a used a5 3.0. Have around a 10k budget which in all honesty is the most I would have ever spent on a car.

So I am wanting advice of any major faults a5s may have and what to look for when buying a used car with around 100k miles on the clock?

Any advice would be much appreciated, sorry if a bit vague.



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Welcome Nutorious,

While I can't help with specific issues with the 3.0TDI, I can tell you that window regulators are common problems on the A5. Can be quite costly to replace so worth checking if thats been done. The design seems to be flawed so they replace both sides for the fix, hence the high price (around £1000).

I do recall reading about EGR valve problems on the diesel models, so thats probably something to investigate further.

Just in case its of any interest, I do happen to be selling my 2.0TFSI for around the £11k mark. Thats had the regulators fixed, and the very common oil consumption issue thats present on 2.0TFSI A4, A5 and Q5's.

Here is a link to my listing on the sale section. Hit me a private message if at all interested:


Good luck with your search. I am also a regular on the A5OC forum, which I feel is far more active with regards to A5/S5/RS5 owners, so would encourage you to search about on there as well for advice and possible car sales.


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The 3.0 TDI doesn't really have any major issues, The rods for the actuators on the intake manifold flaps are a common issue but only cost £30 and are easy to change. Like any diesel as long as you don't crawl around in town you shouldn't have any issues with the DPF.
EGR issues are not a big problem on the 3.0 TDI that's more a 2.0 TDI issue.
Engine responds well to a remap.


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Don't like the sound of the window regulator problems :( I assume the problem Carrys over to the sportback?
(Still on the hunt for one)


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I would look out for a good service history from at least an Audi specialist if not Audi themselves.

TBH never heard of window regulator problems and even if you have them there are enough A5 breakers out there to get a replacement. Jinxed that now!!

Took me ages to find my 3.0 sportback.

How's the S-line / non S-line debate going? :shrug:

Good luck.