What to look out for at x milage?


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Hi all,

Just got back off holiday and have someone picking up my civic in about an hour so I'm finally in a place to get an a4. I've found one which is about 2.5 hours away but is perfectly priced but at the same time a tad too cheap, it's done approx 92k- I'm still waiting to find out whether its got much service history etc, but assuming it has and its had cambelt etc done at 60k, I'm wondering what defects I should be looking out for at this kind of milage and most importantly how I can discover them? Ive heard about things like suspension arms etc but im just hoping someone can give me a feel for what to look out for and how to test for these things.

Many thanks


W.Bro.Paul 2.0d Q5 Quattro
make sure all electrical items work, Service History and Cam Belt changed, Cam belts can cost you about £300 ish to be done,


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Plenum chamber ! (the bit between the engine bay bulkhead and the passenger compartment bulkhead), slide the battery cover off and shine a touch down, should be empty of water, if not the drain holes are blocked, possible issues with master brake cylinder and electrics..... rare but needs to be checked.

Make sure all the electrics work, especially the remote keys...