What to go for:- 2.7tdi S line or 3.0tdi Q S line


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i'm finally switching back to the Ingolstadt product over the Bavarian counterpart.

My budget is about 12k, ive seen a couple of the above advertised in different places.

Which to go for? has anyone owned both for any length of time?
I'm definitely after a 6 pot after owning a 2.5 B6 a few years ago.
I would deffo map the 2.7, and possibly the 3.0 if i wnet for one of those

2.7- advantages
better mpg
cheaper RFL
2WD handling
my budget would prob buy a year newer with same mileage


3.0 adv-
Quattro handling
quicker, more torque
more fun per £

lower mpg
higher maintenance costs

Does anyone have any further advice at all please?



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I can only speak about the 2.7 tdi engine, I found that superb and to be honest I think your real issue is wether you want quattro or not. I don't think you' ll have a problem with either of these V6 engines. I should imagine maintenace costs are very similar. In fact I've just had an email from Audi for service costs (up to 3.2 engine) Annual service £199 and Variable is £349 so it depends on your mileage which is most cost effective for you.HTH


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to follow on from the above, has anyone mapped a 2.7 tdi at all?

If performance was a major factor, I'm not sure why you would choose the 2.7 and then map it. I might be missing the point here though, I'm just not so sure what the point of the 2.7 is, it has a very, very small increase in power over the 2.0TDI 170, which I think is a better choice if you want front wheel drive.


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Not sure TBH. If it was me I would definately go for the 3.0TDI as it has more potential in every area, however I am biased as this was the car I had planned to buy at the beginning of the year. I did want quattro however and tiptronic with paddle shift, both of which mean fuel economy would be lower and maintenance higher, so really depends what your priorities are. I just don't see the point in getting a 2.7 if you plan to map it. Although I do understand that you may want a smoother V6 engine than a 4 pot with front wheel drive to keep it more economical etc. I really don't think you'd be disappointed with the 3.0 though and a lot are specced very well. Cruise is an easy retrofit regardless of the engine. Speak to Ben from shark performance (used to be a forum member on here) or I can give you the details for a great Audi master tech Manchester way that could help you, he's on vwaudiforum.

If you're concerned with reliability you could try and by an approved vehicle with warranty. I here the Audi warranty is pretty good at paying the RS6 boys out.


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3.0 v6 Tdi all the way.

Maintenence costs are slightly higher, but as long as you look after it, it should'nt be a problem.

Remember the 3.0 takes 8 litres of oil.

The first thing i did with mine was change all my discs, pads, brake lines for a fraction of what audi would charge and now at least i know these wont need touching for quite some time now.