What to get?


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Hi folks,

Finally getting my finger out and going to give the exterior a proper detail, Its a mythos black rs3.

I usually snow foam it and then give it a wash with a mitt (2 bucket method of course)

So looking for recommendations on what to get for the following?

Machine polisher, pads, scratch remover, paint cleaner, wax, polish, wheel cleaner? The works basically lol

Cheers for any replies :smiley:


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I’d recommend watching some videos on the topic (White Details is very good) as getting a machine polisher will be your “scratch remover” as you’ll use a cutting compound and maybe finishing/refining compound with this.

May not be the most helpful response but getting a better understanding of the products I think is a must and through this you’ll get an idea of what you want and need.

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cheers adam:icon thumright:

have already watched a fair few videos, but there are that many products, was looking to bow to the superior knowledge on here about what to get, what works best and what to avoid lol.


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Get a dual action polisher with a 15 mm throw not 21mm nor 12 mm, a 15 mm throw is the best size for a few reasons,use a single stage correction compound ie Sonax perfect finish 250 ml bottle will do but also a have a heavy cutting compound just to cover all bases, the250 ml bottle size is ideal for keeping costs down and is more than enough to machine polish a car twice over same with pads 125 mm is the size your looking for a mixture of both medium cut and heavy cutting pads 2 of each to start with Foam pads
Get some 80/20 350 gsm micro fiber clothes 8 should do you..to start
Ipa not the beer lol mix the ipa with water 60/40 plus a smidgen of fairy liquid into a spray bottle 1 litre sized this his homemade mix will save you money as Panel wipe/paint cleaner is expensive
Then it's all down to taking your time and learning/perfecting your skills learning to use the products/compounds is key to getting great results


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cheers for that reply jassyo06,

answers a lot of my questions and has pointed me in the right direction, was already looking at a DA polisher but throw distance was confusing me as a noob lol

cheers for the recommendations on pads, compound and the wee tip on the paint cleaner.

More than enough to get me started on a shopping spree :icon thumright: