What to expect behind rear plate?


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Ive ordered some new plates that I can't really drill through, i'll just be sticking them on with pads etc, my current ones look like there screwed in, anyone recommend best way to either fill the holes to a good standard or have had an issue sticking a rear plate on?



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Behind the plate There will be a slight recess and two threaded screw holes so unless your boots been drilled as these didn’t line up then no need to fill them just build up the new plate with some double sided tape and stick it on


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They’ll stick on fine with Pads


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Normally two screws holding it on, one of mine was rusted to hell, was a job getting it off. The screws screw into a plastic recess which should still be fine to use but I had to replace both screws once off. I screwed back on the Audi sport plate holder so shouldn’t have to take this off again in a long time and will obviously take plates that don’t have holes.



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Ignoring all the tape residue and the velcro hangin off (was part way through a machine polish) this is what to expect underneath. Shortned plate covers it fine after.


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Mine had a big foam pad behind it , easy enough to remove though

Used no nails tape to re a fix