what size bushes?


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Jul 19, 2010
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hey guys im just about to order some powerflex front wishbone bushes but they come in 30mm or 40mm and im not totally sure what ones i need, i suspect its the 30mm but if someone would just confirm it id be grateful! its a 1999 1.8t quattro!

cheers :w00t:
nice to see people have helped you. depends on how old your car is. if its a prefacelift itl have the smaller bush i believe, facelift have the larger. however, if its 2000 facelift, it might be either. i wonder if its possible to measure the one on the car.
lol i know this is the second time ive asked :/ cheers for the reply mate!! well ive tried to get the old tape measure in there but...yeah...that didnt go well lol, im just going to have to order a pair of 30mms and hope for the best i think!! lol, you know its time to replace your bushes when you can quite freely move the wheel with one hand!!!