What should I get next?


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Hi all

I am now considering my next car. I know I have only had the a3 for about four months, but I want to change it at the end of the summer.

I am looking to get something I can keep for about three years, so it has to be nearly new. Its also got to be diesel. I have around 20k to play with. What I really want is a TT, but they start at around 24k:bye:

I will be buying on PCP or HP with around a grand deposite.

My short list so far includes: TT (duh), 123d M Sport, 330D M sport saloon, 320D M Sport Coupe, A3 170 S Line Quattro, Scirroco TDi.

I am not sure what to go for, and I keep going round and round in circles! Its driving me a bit nuts!

Any advice would be much apriciated:thumbsup:


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Very different cars you have there

Hard choice for me between the 330D M Sport and Rocco TDI

Then again, they are totally different cars lol

BMW - 5dr, RWD, big horsepower, stylish but common as muck

Rocco - :) but under powered IMO!


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go for a5 2.7tdi, i want a 2.0tfsi A5 next


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the rosso will be great as there very un common n they are stunnin, i would personally choose either the a3 or rocco. i much prefer the makes than bmw, i dunno why, just round here, they are soooo common n ever other car seems to be a bmw


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S3 (8P)
Rocco & remap:icon_thumright:


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330D! Amazing economy for the performance! Although, I would prefer it in coupe form, but I'm guessing that's going to be expensive.

123D is pretty dam good as well, but heard the ride is so so and not so practical. But, it's a good choice if you don't really care about comfort or practicality.


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If you get a Rocco TDI make sure its GT spec as they come with all the nice bits and the best wheels.

Also make sure its white and tint the windows, you then have a huge version of Stigs helmet! :hubbahubba:


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Say no more....




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Don76....complete fail!

This is more like it :p




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Or one of these!




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My thoughts are this:

330d and 123d Very fast, great handling rwd, ugly and not very nice inside. 320d m sport coupe, loveley looking, quick rwd, not nice inside, but the base engine. A3 170 quattro S line, quick 4wd, nice interior but a bit bland, TT too expensive but love it, Scirrocco, Loveley looking, slow low rent interior. So none are perefect:uhm:

I think I have narrowed it down to the 123d and Scirrocco (and TT if I find a spare 4k somewhere)

I agree the Scirrocco would have to be a GT and I would have to remap it, but I wont be able to have a white one due to the miles a do and keeping it clean.


i wouldnt get a 123d... the salloon one does look a tad better but the fronts on both cars are so standard and ugly id get the 320 coupe


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TT - ok, bit expensive, prefer an A3
123D - ugly as sin, could drive amazingly but I'd never be proud to own it
330D Saloon - cracking engine but I prefer the Coupe body
320D Coupe - good performance, good MPG, love the looks
A3 170 - as the 320D Coupe but you've already owned one A3 so maybe time to try something different?
Scirroco - Not really a fan, they tamed it down too much from the concept

I'd go for the 320D Coupe. M Sport spec in White with the optional 19s and red leather. Nice mix of looks, performance and MPG.

might struggle to get that with 20k though?!


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Damn good point about the being proud to own part. That would defo stop me buying one.

As for the 320d m sport coupe, I agree they a probably the best all rounder, but they are missing sole somehow? I do really like them tho, and there are a few for around 21-22k, so I should be able to get one for 19-20K, but the spec will be fairly basic I thinks.

Can you see what I mean about going round and round in circles. Now I'm thinking either 320d or Scirrocco...... Your suggestions do help tho as there have been some good valid points so far.


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I drive 330d tourers at work and really like them. Would definately purchase one myself if i could afford a fairly new one.

They handle very well (not great in the wet mind you), have plenty of power, are more than quick enough (0-60 in 6.4ish i believe), are well built, are an ideal size and also look the part. For a diesel they also sound surprisingly throaty too.

Ive also driven the 335d are they are fecking monsters!!!! :anbet: (sub 6 seconds to 60)
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