What should I expect to get?


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With a 'new' ie new to me but used A3 3.2 quattro.

So far all I can think of is-

2 keys
1 plastic valet key with barcode thingy
Radio Code card
Service Book
Locking wheel nut

Can anyone else think of any other items I should get?


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The V5?


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Not really, I can only think of what I have, and you have covered them.

Guess it would be nice to see the receipt for the services, perhaps?


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first aid kit under seat.
all the bits and pieces from the spare kit, there are spaces for them all in the plastic, make sure they all have something in them. I know some people got new cars without the wheelnut cover removal tools.
warning triangle in boot.


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i never got that plastic key thingy with code on with my last audi - it was brand new too! ah well nevermind someone elses problem now since i sold it! i'll make sure i get it with my new one this friday tho!


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Don't think they do the plastic key thingy any more as I didn't get one on my new car too!