What should I do?


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Bit of advise please

mmi have just brought the wife a 2010 A4 avant 2.0 tfsi Quattro with 50000 miles Audi approved car seemed a very nice car drove well on test drive and had a little bit of paint to be sorted on the rear bumper which they should of done for when we picked it up last Friday but had not.

My wife was very happy with the car and the car was booked in to have the paint done and had also developed a juddering grinding type noise from the steering at low speed. Didn't seem to be to much of a problem until Tuesday when wife on way home she broke down in a live lane. Epc light on and misfire when re started. She was very shaken up and in floods of tears when I rescued her in my car.
Rang Audi assist and rac came out diognosed coil stick on no1 this was 1700 on Tuesday car went to dealer next day and had courtesy a3 3dr delivered. Chased dealer to what is going on on Thursday and they had not even changed the coil stick at that point let alone looked at steering. Today I rang them to see what was happening again as the car was due to be taken back at 11am. Update at 1230 keep the car till at least Monday have the suspension stripped down accnolage there is a fault with the steering but don't low what yet!

My question is they will of bad the car longer than we have had the car by Monday what should I expect and should this of been picked up on the 145 point check!


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Don't really see a problem, the dealer has acknowledged there is a problem and are investigating. You are still on the road thanks to a courtesy car. As for picking up the fault during the multi point inspection it depends what the outcome is. Remember if you bought under the Approved Used Car scheme that you have 30 days or 1000 miles from purchase to reject the car if you consider there is an appreciable fault.