What rims jims? Mk1TT


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Hi all, no escaping from me now :D

So the question of the day is all about rims, i have the offset dimensions from the helpfull people in the asn pub so thats sorted.

Now its just what to buy? I do like the rims currently on the car but they will be scuffed to buggery in no time, due to where i live, and the mrs is driving it in the week.

Just need some inspiration really, so any suggestions or even better pictures of your mk1 tt would be great.

Likes and thanks all round for comments.

Thanks ad.


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I like the BBS LMs but that'll be an arm and a leg for them, there is some nice calibre rims out there (cant remember the model)
I had some black Finichi Monzas on mine with 20 and 25mm spacers to fill in the arches.
whats your budget?


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Yeh im spoilt for choice tbf, those rims look nice dude, i want that bumper lol

Is there a sticky for tt pics? Cant seem to find one.

Budgets about 250-300 then some rubberings.

Bumper is a V6 with a cupra R lip,no sticky for pics as far as i know but im sure there is on TTforum,i bought my TD's brand new with the new Falken FK453 tyres (which im trialing),i paid £1300,maybe have a mooch in the classifieds section and see what pops up ;)


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Here is my first set of rims after the standard RS4s
They are Inovit Blade 18" They cost me around £550 with Falken FK452 Tyres

Then I got these for the next summer
They are Finichi Monza 18" in Michelin PS2 which cost me more than £1200


Then I got the origional Inovit Blades refurbished for the winter and ended up just keeping them on as they filled the arches better

There is a thread on the TTForum i think its maybe the stance thread thats got a whole selection of rims and suspension that the guys on there are using.



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Haha yeah there not cheap especially if you want a decent set. might be better looking down the reps way if you want cheaper but they probably wont be that lightweight.

I think Dare do some Rotiform BLQ(?) reps that look pretty decent but still have a bit of a high price tag


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Yeh i was thinking some roti's but as you say there deer.

I just dont want the same old rims like rs4, r32, beetle rims everyone puts on their vag.

Any ideas to what i would get for mine with the adapters?

Thanks agen all.

Oh and sandra has put a sticky up so you can all put these up if you get the chance, some good lookin tts here :D lol