what pressure washers???

danger S3

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at the moment I don't have a pressure washer and have never even used one :ermm: I just saw Halfords have a big sale on and they have these pressure washers

is the cheapest one not worth it for washing a car? and will it be able todo snow foaming stuff or just spraying?

what's the advantages of the bigger ones?



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i got a karcher k3.550 was on offer from costco for just over £100 ...........great for cars and patio and snowfoaming had it for 8 months no probs . washed my drive way and looks good as new


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Ive got a largish Karcher and its great ,for the snow foaming and as above never any problems with it


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I have a karcher k4.130.I can **** harder than this heap of ****.The adustable nozzle is a waste of time too, poor adjustment.Its in bits at the mo waiting for a new part cos the frost got it in the shed.Only bonus is that spares are easy to get.My next one will be a kranzle, but ill need to save up


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karcher FTW! Have many great attachments, great customer support used it a couple of times when i wanted addition parts... Main power lead :p

Very powerful, also get a lance with adjustable pressure on almost all the models. Fantastic piece of kit, if your going to do a job properly buy a karcher, With the cheapies you will more than likely end up buying another washer 2 months down the line.


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Had several Karchers (not cheap one either) and they have all lasted about a year of so before giving up. Now got a Nilfisk P150 NILFISK - ALTO P150.1-10B XTRA 150 Bar 2900w Pressure Washer - World of Power and it is in a different league!

World of power have the C110 on offer at £51.05 inc vat at the moment NILFISK - ALTO C110.3-5 X-tra 110 Bar 1400w Pressure Washer - World of Power

Mine certainly works well with the snow foam lance, I also went for an underbody lance that was being sold as a group buy on detailing world a while ago

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I'm also thinking of getting a pressure washer, so can you let me know how you get on with the C110 please. Sounds like a bargain.


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Without doubt Nilfisk C110 - its the choice of detailers. You dont need anyting more powerful to do the car or you risk doing damage and taking lacquer/ paint of car/ wheels/ mirrors etc. High pressure is great if you need to dual use for stuff like patios etc. I use mine without a nozzle for use on car so safer and have the 110.

For the value for money they are a no brainer compared to the halfords or karscher etc. Why? ...because they use quality components that dont give up after a year or less and are very solid built and well engineered, they use metal pumps and decent tap and hose connectors that dont leak. Wouldnt be without mine now, and for me doifn detailing its geat as light and portable to carry and shove in back of avant, nice and compact. quality piece of kit.



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Just to point out, the thing you need to look at is the litres per minute of each machine combined with the revs per minute of the motor, this is all in the basic spec given on the side of all boxes.
More industrial machines will have slower revving (2400rpm) motors with high litres per minute pumps, up to a max of about 15 litres per minute on a domestic 13 amp supply.
Foaming lance performance will be directly affected by the litres per minute for example.
Higher revving units provide the extra litres by running a smaller pump twice as fast and therefore won't last as long but are fine for many diy users.
Basically you can then make an informed choice at least being aware of knowing what you are getting for your money rather than a fancy box and marketing.
Remember , any unit can produce 100 bar, 200 bar etc etc if a small enough nozzle is used but only the better machines produce those pressures combined with decent litres per minute. 80 bar 12 litres per minute will clean a lot better than 120 bar 6 litres per minute.

Sorry I've babbled on a bit now, I do own a carwash installation company and get carried away !

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I've got a Nilfisk E140, which has a handy long hose for working round the car without moving the pressure washer, even on the tanks I drive (S8/A6 Avant). You can get a wash jet specifically for car washing which is lower pressure than the ones supplied. Probably still a bit aggressive if any paint defects, but it seems to work well.

Mine was under £200 - only complaint is that the hose tends to get itself tied in knots very easily.