what parts are needed for parking sensors


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i am waiting to put on a rear s4 bumper on my b6 tdi avant,only thing is is that the bumper has the holes for the sensors,i already have the set of sensors to go with it but nothing else.can anyone tell me the individual parts list that i need to complete the job including part numbers.i know its not a cheap job to do but i would prefer an oem look and finish to it.the car as it is does not have parking sensors fitted so does this require any fiddling with vcds to get it working?


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Not sure what parts you will need. I don't have ETKA with me but someone will be along soon enough to post up the complete list.

One idea and possible cheaper, fit the parking sensors but don't wire them up.
Instead using something like this
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Where did you source the S4 rear bumper? Been searching for one for 18 months now......


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thanks for the responses chaps.the s4 bumper took a while to source as did the front but it pays to scour the bay and look for mis sold stuff.heh heh.
i still think i will go for the oem sensor bits as i already have the four sensors for the bumper,i have seen control units go for £50 on the bay but i reckon thats a bit steep,looms tend to be about £30 and the buzzer is cheap in germany,maybe i will have to practice the lingo and search ebay.de