What Oil for S3 (Again)


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Hi guys, sorry to ask this question again. I've done a search and read the faq but i'm still slightly unsure.

My car's on AVS and I read that i'm meant to use a VW503.01 spec oil. Now I read somewhere else that this has been superceded by 504.00 spec??

Can someone clear this up for me once and for all.

Merry xmas


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Hi mate, I had a similar dilemma about a week ago until my local Clarkins told me that the Castrol Edge VW503.01 had been replaced with the 504 spec. (5w-30.


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I can't be ***** checking as I don't fancy leaving my oil in long enough for it to be a huge issue, but I've been using the correct spec Motul oil from Opie Oils worked out around £65 for 10 litres delivered and it's top stuff, can't recommend them or it highly enough and even though it's 0w30 (from memory) it doesn't burn lites of the stuff.


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Castrol long life III. That is what they will sell you in the Audi parts dept. Also, can be found at Halfords though it's no cheaper there. Still about 14 quid a litre!!


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Check out

Opie Oils

You can enter your car details and it will recommend the correct oils etc.
I buy all my oils from here as the prices are very good. Service is excelant and you may ever get a discount if you tell them you're a member of AS-net :)


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long life oils IMHO are poo you should change your oil 8000miles any longer than that and the oil starts to get really sludgey! i do it every 5000miles with just a good quality 10w40, mines higher milage past the 100k so i run slightly thicker oil.