What mpg do the 140 guys get?


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The Quattro uses more, i was lucky to get 42mpg on a run, mostly for commuting we saw about 38mpg (stuck in traffic for bits) so the S3 givin about 32mpg isnt too bad.


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bowfer said:
There is a very specific reason for this.
Audi lowered the 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear ratios for the DSG.
This has been done specifically to give an impressive 0-60 time.
The trouble comes when you hit 60mph, when 3rd changes to 4th.
There is a big gap, so it really struggles to pick up in 4th.
For proof, look at the 0-100 times.
The 140 may only take 8 or so seconds to 60, but it takes a whopping 26 seconds to reach 100.
That's 5-6 seconds slower than a standard 320D.

Good info there Bowfer but that 0-100 time is DISGUSTING :wtf:

I hope that's for DSG only and not manual too =/


3rd gear's my favourite...
According to the DIS I've averaged 50.5MPG since I last reset it if that's to be believed.
Not 100% sure how much I get out of a tank I but it's in the order of about 500 miles before the light comes on.
The highest I've seen was 57 on a run from Plymouth to Brum.

On the other topic of the the TDi not liking it under 1500rpm, my 140 will happy sit below 1500 without complaining and is perfectly drivable from just under the 1000 mark. OK it doesn't pull like it can but for around town it's fine.


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Good info there Bowfer but that 0-100 time is DISGUSTING

Good info, but slightly misleading.

The 140 takes 26 seconds to get to 100, but the BMW 320d does it in 5 to 6 secs less.

But the 320d produces 130kw/177ps/350Nm.

Comapre that to the 2.0TDI 170 - 125kw.170ps/350Nm.

I think the 170 is closer to the 320d that the 140 and the 170 does 0-100 in 21 seconds based on my testing which is also 5 to 6 secs better than the 140.