What mpg are you getting in your 2.0tdi a3?


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2.0tdi BKD I've (or my wife) averaged 47mpg over period of 3years. This is calculated figure based on tank to tank fill ups

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Not sure on mpg but I get around 430 miles to a tank, and I'm not light footed, tested this last week.

Edit: mine is tdi 140
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I'm getting about 40-42 around town, pd170 mapped with milltek. I rarely drive in an economic manner.


mpg in the 40's range, depending on how its driven (urban+motorway mix). usually get 420-460 miles to a tank - 2.0 tdi bkd. high octane fuel seems to give far less miles...


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My old mapped tdi i got around 45-55... never got over 59.

now got a s3 and get around 13-14. haha


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I think this differs between factory specs, I have a 170cr remapped. I get mid 40's driving about then motorway highest I've seen is 59mpg.... With my foot in high 30's


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Mixed mode, around 55, drive to work 30 miles mostly A roads dual carriageway at a sedate 60mph, around 65mpg, DIS has shown 75+ on occasions. Its how you drive essentially, drive defensively, look ahead, plan the route, and reap the benefits, sports car for the weekend Sir.
Forgot to add, 140BHP, 2011 model, now on 55k miles. BE model.



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2.0 BKD, 100% town, short distances (~5miles back and forth), never less than 40MPG but I don't mind how I drive (often quite fast accelerations etc.). If drive gently, 51MPG is possible, but then I slow down the city traffic :) So I prefer filling a tank a little bit often but drive how I want.

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around 40 mpg ,not been on a long run yet , tdi 170 quattro .


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2.0TDI 140 2008 A3 Sportback DSG. I drive it flat out constantly (you think im joking): 38mpg average. Can get 50mpg on long motorway run if i really try. I dont think its really that economical, but if i cared id probably drive much nicer.


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Standard 170tdi cr. Last tank 50.3 mpg (calculated properly not on MFD) Usually overall between 50-55mpg. On runs around 60mpg, around town down to 45mpg.

Most frugal car I've ever driven tbh, obviously stop start helps a lot in traffic

Lifetime MPG on the car display is 54mpg so seems quite accurate tbf


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Tdi-Tuning box on a 140tdi cr full tank can get me at least 600 miles (lots of motorway drive cruising at 70mph~70%). last tank 54.0mpg (Calculated properly) DIS normally shows 65mpg once warmed up.


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I get 49mpg on long run

Around 37mpg round town not abusing it


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My a3 2.0 tdi bkd was fantastic on fuel. Never saw below 45mpg and I do town driving. It was over 50mpg most of the time. Much better than my current 3.0 tdi lol


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I do 10000 miles every quarter year, I watch my mpg closely on my quattro 170 tdi, I get average 43 @ 78mph. With shell Vpower I get 45 however strangely the tank goes down quicker, might like the additives.


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In my 57 BKD 140 I've generally have around 55mpg avg, but have hit 68.2 mpg avg on a few runs. Around town I'll get between 33-40mpg


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not sure why but my 140tdi struggles to get bellow 45 even if im pushing it, motorway my mrs has had 70mpg and i can easily see 55 60 on a run its the only thing stopping me selling up for a petrol :)


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Tdi-Tuning box on a 140tdi cr full tank can get me at least 600 miles (lots of motorway drive cruising at 70mph~70%). last tank 54.0mpg (Calculated properly) DIS normally shows 65mpg once warmed up.


Glad to hear you are enjoying your CRTD2 system. Please feel free to contact us should you require any help in the future.

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2.0TDI BKD with a darkside developments hybrid turbo and remap 134,000 on the clock. Averaged 47.3mpg over the last 6500 miles, currently done 910 miles on 1 tank and 3/4. 70mph I average 58mpg, 80mph 51mpg and 90mph 46mpg (those speeds are down here in france and italy). The boost kicks in from 2100 rpm so no chance of getting better figures.