What mpg are we all getting. 09 a3 sline


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I'm off away next week and have a long ride up the motorway (300 odd miles) this will be the first long run the car will have had since I've owned it. Just wondering what kind of mpg can I expect to get on a good long motorway run. What's the most you have had?

2.0 turbo derv 170 6speed. Sportback
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Engine\Fuel\Gearbox\Transmission designation? can I suggest you update your sig with the info for future ref. :)


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I achieved 59.4 mpg (onboard computer) driving from Buxton to Ilkeston which is approximately 38 miles last week. Stuck to speed limits (and not lower) and if anyone knows the Peak District they'll know there are a few inclines!

Car is a manual 2009 Audi A3 Sport 2.0 TDI CR 140 with 101k miles on the clock.


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I have S-Line BE with the same engine MY12 with DSG. I did 4000miles throughout October on Motorway and 'A' & 'B' Roads average MPG with On board Computer= 51.4mpg, Actual at pump = 46.4mpg with an average speed of 39mph

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S3 stage 2+ town driving 16 to 22. Motorway driving 32 to 39 mpg. Average 27 mpg. But if driven hard around 18 to 22


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'07 SB sline with a hybrid turbo and custom remap (originally a 140, now something fast). Just done the south of France via Milan, over the alps to Chamonix, through France on the eurotunnel then to Leeds, 1300 miles, mountain driving up and down, motorway driving between 70 and 80 mph, averaged 52.8mpg getting around 520-540 miles to a tank. Got back this afternoon.