What Mods will I need for A3 2.0 tdi 140 when remapped to 230+

Adam power

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I've got a A4 Sline Quattro tdi 170bhp standard, had a stage 1 remap and dpf removed and managed to get 220bhp more than enough. Looked into getting more but like some people said I would rather save my money. Intercooler, clutch , turbo, straight through exhaust and your looking £2500 min for good stuff. Once all that's fitted the next thing I would be buying is a new engine after it went bang. Focus on your torque bhp is more top end torque will get you there quicker. Or get a 3lt I seen one on you tube running 300+bhp probably only gets low 20s to the gallon.

hollows wife

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you'll be pushing to get 250bhp with standard 140 injectors . years ago when the bkd engine was relatively new i had a gt1947vb hybrid turbo and just mapping done by rs at leeds . stock exhaust intercooler etc just removed the guts from the exhaust .
managed to get 242bhp on rollers out of it but it was belching smoke from exhaust which i didn't
like ,so a bit of tweaking to the map and i was happy with 231 bhp without all the soot .
had to be careful of egt temps .
cost then was £1200 for turbo and mapping so now it should be cheaper.
when i sold the car i got a call a few months later from a garage who had it in for repair ,they had melted the turbo with the egt temps and constant thrashing and wanted advice of where to source a new hybrid from.