What mods to my A6 C6???


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Hello again first real post right here.

I'll give a brief history of my cars. started driving in 2008

2001 skoda fabia 1.4 100hp

2002 skoda fabia VRS - milltek exhaust, alpine type R sub, alpine head unit

2004 mini cooper S - 237 wheel BHP - 17% reduced supercharger pulley, milltek exhaust, GTT intercooler, bluefin remap, coilovers, front and rear strut braces, alpine head unit, carbon intake

2002 Mercedes sprinter - just to get me by while my insurance payed out. Got rear ended in the mini

2004 mini copper s - 15% reduced pulley, alpine head unit

2006 mercedes vito 115 LWB, alone head unit, 2x 15" subs,

2007 Audi A6 2.0tdi 170ps

As you can tell I like my mods on a car lol. But with the Audi its not as simple

Engine mods - hmmm not sure the car would "suit" it. Maby remove DPF and get a remap. What BHP should I expect? I've been told 225 but will that not just kill my injectors?

Handling mods - coilovers are near enough £1000 for a decent set and don't wanna ruin the ride so cheap coilovers and lowering springs are out of the question.

Stylings mods - I've done a list of the things I've looked at so far.

Rear window Tints

1 piece spoiler - Audi A6 S6 Euro Sport Boot Spoiler Lip Trim S-Line DTM | eBay

3 piece spoiler -

Front bumper spoiler - Audi A6 Front bumper spoiler s-line [ 2004 - 2008 ] - NKTuning | eBay

Removing badges on rear - obvious one

Removing front Audi badge - is this possible or do I need a new grill?

Has anyone seen these done/fitted whats the quality of the parts i shared from ebay.

Sorry about the essay. But I'm certain you guys are the people to ask. :)


On the facelift path...
I debadged mine and added some wrapping on some of the scratched panels.

I intend to use plastidip my front grill area as it is more grey than dark. Sourcing a front lip and then maybe wrap the rear lower bumper as it is also scratched.


I've just fitted an OEM S6 exhaust to my 3.2, along with the rear diffusor.
Just resprayed my wing mirrors a matt alluminum (don't actually look half bad).
And I've got an OEM RS6 splitter to fit to my S-Line front bumper (maybe, if I don't get an S6 bumper first and fit it to that).
Oh and I've just installed an OEM S6 paddle shift steering wheel. Love it.

On a side note, I've just listed my old air leather MFSW on eBay if anyones interested.