What model is my motor. I.e 8p?? What are extras??


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Jun 6, 2011
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Hi all, I'm slowly getting to know the different models, options, mods etc for the a3. I've been a car fanatic all my days so really just wanted to know more detail. I posted some pics up a few weeks ago in my thread ' standard s line' so just wanted to know what 8p my car is? It's a 56 07 model from what I understand. 2.0 tdi 170 3 dr s line. I also what extras are extras and what is standard? It has leather, nav, iPod dock in glovebox, folding mirrors, cruise control, hill assist, 18" bbs speedlines, multi function wheel, auto lights, arm rest, the rear view mirror has a button on it?

Planned mods will be very minimal as I plan for an s3 sportback next year. Will lower it on eibach sportlines but I'm a bit nervous about a bouncy ride and being too stiff? Will get the black optics grill and that will do it I think! Any advice most appreciated.

button on rear view mirror means its auto-dimming. seems pointless but its great! my A3 had it but my new S3 doesn't :(
Auto headlights too maybe? Switch will say "auto" at the first click of the switch.
if you have bought it then dont read on the issues it will bother you for no reason! just hope it doesnt happen to your ride and stay safe!

and :sign_pics:
If you want to know what all the options are on your car, then find the sticker in the spare wheel recess, then type in all the codes, seperated by semi-colons into this site VW Group Option Codes Decoder

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