What mobile phone do you have?


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That's a lie! Just took the test in your link (iPhone owner) and apparently I should have been through a dozen Blackberry's by now ...of which I've never owned a single solitary one. :banghead:


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Speaking of iPhones, I was shocked the other day...

I've given my daughter my old iPhone4 so she can play with it at home. There's no sim in it, she just uses it on wifi.
Anyway, yesterday my mobile rang and on my caller ID it displayed that my other half was calling me (name and number). We were all home, I was in the living room and my daughter and her mum in the bedroom, so I thought it was just my missus just being lazy and phoning me to ask for a drink or something.... So, ready to tell her to p*ss off, I answered....

I said hello.... and almost fainted when the "hello" I got as a reply sounded like the telephone voice from the movie Scream!

Then, in the same Scream voice, came "Hello Daddy".

The phone then went dead.

I went to the bedroom and asked the missus why she phoned me and what was wrong with her voice, but she said she didn't call me as her phone was on charge.... in the living room. The room I was just in!!!!

Anyway, after a mini freak out, I gathered my thoughts and focused my questioning on my 9 year old daughter...

I asked her if she had just phoned me. She said yes and gave me her iPhone. I looked at it and saw she had downloaded a voice changing app. This app allows you to enter any mobile number as your number (she used my missus' number) and then you can call any other mobile over wifi for free (she phoned me), and when you speak it changes the sound of your voice to any one of about ten creepy sounds or you can opt to keep your voice the same.
Mystery (and scariest moment of my entire life) over.
Also app store on my daughter's iPhone now signed out for good.

Surely an app like this shouldn't be allowed. It's so open for abuse as it can be used to make it look like you are calling anyone from any number. Mental ex girlfriends are going to have a field day calling their ex boyfriend's new partner from 'his phone'!


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Same app available for android phones as well so not just iphone specific. I agree that app only has one purpose and will probably be abused


Defo worth the wait :)

We had a really good app over Xmas - Fake Call from Santa.

I tell you what, it worked a treat and it was unbelievable the difference in my Sons behaviour when the phone started ringing. We are still using it now to say he is going to take your pressies away, but I dont think it will last as long, now that he has his presents!!

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I was too afraid..eagerly waiting to know who was the caller!!
At first I was having Galaxy S4 mini but after some time, its working become too slow. Then I switched to Sony Xperia Z1.