What Mileage have your cars done?


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Hi people,

I am not sure if this has been done before but I was just wondering what mileage people have got on their clocks currently? And from what mileage you have had your car?

I will start off:

Mines on 100k atm and still going well, I had the car from 50k so I have done 50k miles on her at present.

Shes a 2005 2.0 TDI A3

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bought it with 69 miles on the clock In march of this year.

now sitting just short of 11,000 miles......

Audi S3 61 plate.


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Bought it brand new with 41 miles done 7850 so far. Its 61 plate S3


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58 plate S3 8P3

Bought June 11 with 12000 now has 22000


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Bought brand spanking Jan 2012 with 63 miles on it. It now has 4550 on it, really need to use it more!!


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07 plate with 45k


Bought an 06 plate with 44k on the clock 6 weeks ago, it's now on 50k. Think i need to do a little less driving :think:

rosso rocket

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Bought an 06 plate with 44k on the clock 6 weeks ago, it's now on 50k. Think i need to do a little less driving :think:

Still got my old Golf Mk4 1.8T Gti - 1999 plate - 138,878 on the clock and still running beautifully!:happy:

The 56-plate A3 has 59989 miles and going great too....:thumbsup:


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2006 A3 Sb, 2.0 tdi 170 Quattro - got 95k now & runs sweet as..........
bought it with 92k.......


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My Sportback TFSI Quattro had 62000 when I bought it in December now has 72200..


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2010 S3 - Bought back in Aug 11 with about 10k on the clock and now has 18k.


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53 Plate, had about 45k when bought, Now 161k. Around 2000 miles a month. Most reliable car I've ever owned.


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50k. Done 32k in it since April 2010


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Bought brand new mid May 2012 with 37 miles on the clock now has 4200 joyous miles on her!

12 plate S3 BE 3dr :)


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56 plate 2.0tdi 170, registered Sept 2006

Bought April 2011 at 33K now has 49K!!!


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Bought mine off my parents in Apr 2010 with just under 20k miles on it. It now has 30k miles on it. I don't use it for commuting so is a pleasure toy!


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51 plate aum 1.8t A3 146000 bless it's little cotton socks :) Got it march this year it had 142000 on it 4000 miles so far, suprising how all the little trips add up.


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I am going for lowest milage for age.

3360 at purchase in May 2012
5200 now.

60 plate Jan 2011 S3 Black Edition.


57 plate - 50,000 miles

Brought it in June 2012 with around 49,000.. I've only done 1,000 miles in a just over a month :noway:


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54 plate with 51,000 miles and still going strong


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56 plate S3.

27000 miles when I got her, 36500 now after just over 2 years


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2007 A3, 2.0T with DSG

Bought her new in '07, coming up on 85k now. No major issues to report, only things I've replaced outside of regular maintenance are a fuel pressure sensor and a failed coil pack. Stay on top of your maintenance and these cars will treat you well. :thumbup:


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S3 8P2 2008
42.000 miles!

Ash B

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54reg registered feb 2005. Got it back in July 2008 it had 41k when i got it and now just over 82k last time i saw it.
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Bought mine with 160 000 KM, nearly 2years ago. Yesterday it had 286 593 KM when they towed it.


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2007 S3 with 38,000 miles


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Bought my 57 plate A3 SB in September 2010 with 24,400 miles on the clock.

Now over 53,300 miles
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2012 S3 - bought her with 5 miles on the clocks. Had her for 4 months and shes now showing just about 3500 miles.


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had the RS 1 month and it has 272 miles on the clock. Previous S3 i had 3 years from new and it had 6800 miles when i traded it in. And the A3 before that i had 3 years from new and it had 12000 miles when it went.
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'07 BKD bought it in Nov '11 with 62,000 on had 100,000 on june this year when the turbo then engine blew up. It now has an '08 BKD in it with 40,000 miles on, new timing belt, water pump, injector seals, Hybrid turbo, flywheel and clutch.