What mileage are you on?

September 2009 (59) S3 30,000 miles
Unsure of true mileage odometer today reads 163k, but after looking back over previous 5 MOTs on vosa website thingy its @ 243k so im not sure, as somewhere it seems to lose @ 80k around 2009 so either its been clocked or its had new clocks or engine change.

Either way im still loving it,it drives ok gives the odd puff of smoke now and then, but hey its 14 years old !!!! :kissmyrings:
Bought in December 2011 with 27k now on 74k in August 2013.

2009 1.9 TDIe Sport Sportback.
60K 56reg 2.0T Sportback Sline

Would love a newer car, but hard to justify when it runs so well.
53 plate 2.0tdi, just shy of 100,000, will hit it within the next couple of days
88k 58 TDI 170 intend to keep it for 3 more years so expect the mileage to be around 150k when we come to change, so probably won't be worth a carrot but hey ho lol.
2004 BKD 190k miles been remapped since 80k its had 3 turbos now though and the injector cam has just left the engine by itself but im hoping to have it running again soon..
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2005 2.0 TDI 140k Original Turbo, I dare say at some point soon it will implode lol
To continue the run of 1.6 FSIs
55 plate 1.6fsi

84k miles of which I've done about 20k
Had my DSG Oil\Filter done last week & now this...

40000 miles b