What kind of retrofits have YOU done to your A3/S3?


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I've always been curious as to what kind of retrofits you guys have done to your A3/S3 and why. And most importantly how you stumbled onto retrofitting in the first place!

I'll start with what i have done to my A3 hatchback since i bought it almost 4 years ago second hand, and how i started installing retrofits.
My A3 was as good as standard with the exception being the rear parking sensors, climate control and the s-line exterior pack so natureally i wanted more options to fit the look of the car!

The very first thing i wanted to change were the rear tail lights because i really hated the look of those standard ones. I started looking on the internet to see if anyone had done it before, and that was when i stumbled onto this forum and discovered this nice and wholesome community of passionate retrofitters and VAG car enthusiasts in general.
Some of you guys proffesionally retrofitters, others DIY enthusiasts like me.

I bought a pair of second hand LED tail lights from ebay together with an adapter loom (which needed rewiring anyway because of some problems i had with the blinkers not working properly :expressionless:)

After that, i wanted to see how far i could go with DIY retrofits so i bought an OBDeleven OBDII diagnostic tool and started messing around with it.
Before i knew it i had added:

  • Cruise control
  • 18" RS3 Rotor look rims
  • Blacked out badges front and rear
  • cloth -> alcantara interior with heated seats, lumbar support and massage function.
  • LED fog lights with cornering function
  • Heated mirrors with mirror dip function
  • standard -> bi-xenon headlight with automatic headlight adjustment (because you can't have LED tail lights and NOT have the waaaay better looking headlights as well!)
  • Automatic headlight sensor/rain sensor (lights go on when dark and wipers work automatically when rain is detected by the sensor)
  • quicker throttle response time
  • Scandinavian DRL function (which basically means drl for your tail lights)
some of these were just changing some 1's and 0's in the software; others required turning my car into an ikea furniture set. All of these were done with second hand parts with exception for the wiring looms i needed to make the work properly and the rims.

It's always an awesome and challenging learning expierence figuring out how stuff works on your car, and i really think it creates some sort of weird bond with your car... how weird this may sound it is most definitely true!



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Well done that man, it seems as though you have done most things already. What's next, VC???


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Well done that man, it seems as though you have done most things already. What's next, VC???
Can virtual cockpit still be done ? I would like to do it but think you need a whole new dashboard + V5 for the virtual cockpit that you have to prove its not stolen ?

Can anyone confirm would be grateful

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Well done. I’m lucky I got a good spec BE s3 with tech pack but like you still wanted more as I wasn't gonna wait 6months+ for a factory builds and get a gpf car.
So far got folding mirrors fitted myself and djalix here fitted dashcams and reversing camera for me.
Done a shedload of coding.
If I decide to keep the car at the end of the year I want front parking sensors, maybe auto main beam and rs3 grill. Would like the ACC as well but feels a bit risky relying on it functioning correctly as a retrofit rather than a factory fitted unit.


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Nice Job, once you get the taste for it you cant stop. I have been doing retrofits since I first got a VAG back in about 2014.
So far I have retrofitted the following:

Completed Retrofits:
Cupholder LED
Footwell Lights
Door Handle illumination
Larger screen MIB1 (Cost of MIB2 was too much to justify wanting a larger screen)
Interior Dimming Mirror
Exterior Dimming Mirrors
High Beam Assist
Facelift LED Tailights with sweeping indicators.

Future retrofits:
Cruise control
Park Assist
Blind Spot Monitoring
Reverse Camera
Door Exit/Entry Warning Lights


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Reverse camera is easy, I used :-
generally trouble free and 'right'


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Reverse camera is easy, I used :-
generally trouble free and 'right'

Does this kit give you dynamic guidlines or just straight ones?


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It gives you dynamic guidelines, I believe this is called the 'high' install in the adaptions

it comes fully programmed and ready to be switched on


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Good job. My A3 was a very basic version from factory so I had much space to have fun with retrofits. So far I've done:

- Front fog lights
- Interior vanity and glove box LED lights
- Roof lights upgrade with LED map/reading lights
- Front and rear footwell lights
- Cupholder LED light
- Door lights (handle, puddle and warning)
- Auto Hold
- Cruise Control
- Direct TPMS (with an additional job to make tyre temperatures to be displayed)
- Audi Side Assist/Blind Spot Radar
- Power folding mirrors
- Interior and exterior (driver side) dimming mirrors (with a "manual override" circuit added)
- Parking Assist PLA (auto-parking)
- Reversing camera

Currently under test:
- Auto digital air conditioning control (panel replaced and all sensors added, it works but there are still a few issues with partial recirculation closure).
- PLA 3.0 (parking assist module works but there are compatibility issues with instrument cluster version)

Under consideration:
- Front camera/Lane Assist (will require replacing the windshield, maybe it's not worth the trouble)
- Adaptive Cruise (radar is a bit expensive and it will also require replacing front grille, stalk set and cluster)
- Power adjustment seats (not much motivated because I'm the only one to drive the car)
- MIB2 and Virtual Cockpit (maybe, if I get rich)


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On my 2017 S3:
Puddle light retrofit
Footwell light retrofit
Lighted RS3 shift paddle retrofit
RS3 front brake air guides


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Potterswheel: Very interested in your reverse camera retrofit, and I’d appreciate some extra info:
How difficult was it to install, and how good were the instructions that came with the kit.? German? Did you need anything in addition to what was supplied? Did you need to do any coding? Was your purchase postBrexit, and did you get hit with any extra import charges?



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First off, my car is a saloon, I believe it is a lot more difficult to fit the Camera to the sport back hatch and there are others who will tell you about that. on the saloon the most difficult thing was removing the trim and getting the cables to the back of the fuse board and MMI in the glovebox, I am retired and took my time and didn't find the job too difficult. I do have a tame coder who did all the necessary coding for me. There used to be a very good step by step guide in the FAQ 'how to' thread which I used but the link no longer works, It was for both the hatch and the saloon.


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Thanks Potterswheel. PM sent.