What is your MPG?


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Depend who's driving, I get about 33-38, the wife gets 26-28 but she sits in traffic. £65-70 to fill it up, 360-380 miles out of it, all traffic dependent and time of day.


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Surprised I'm getting ave. 23mpg with mixed driving. Was expecting to be down to 14-15mpg in my S4.


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I've got the 220bhp TFsi and I find that it's getting around 30mpg on normal stop-start city driving and sometimes a bit less on my commute to work as its only 6 or 7 miles.

Just had the car up to the Lake District a couple of weeks ago and on a 320 mile trip each way it managed around 37mpg which I was pretty happy with.
Next time I'm heading up to the Lakes I'll hopefully have the cruise control fitted so I'd hope that will help improve the mileage a little.

Andy Crooks

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A3 1.2 Tfsi s-line from Worcester to Lancaster I got 43.3mpg average and cruise control was set to 70 all the way and I used less than a quarter of a tank