What is your favorite breed of dog?


Defo worth the wait :)
I dont mind actually, i like all dogs in general and would love to have a doberman, however having a little child, I would not risk having one in the house, I wouldnt mind a black labrador as a family dog.

An uncle of mine has a greyhound and that is a beautiful dog.


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We have 2 Westies Quincy and Trudie, very good natured dogs that will lick you to death. Don't suffer with any particular issues if you feed them correctly otherwise they can get skin issues. Ours just have white meat food, fish, chicken turkey etc.



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I meet many dogs at work and when walking my dog, I agree that spaniels are lovely dogs but they seem to have alot of owners -around where I live - that don't believe in the use of a lead, it drives me mad and for some reason I meet alot of spaniels who have issues with bigger dogs.
Ps there should be an intelligence test to own a dog as alot of dog issues are actually caused by ignorant owners who don't understand dog psychology: for instance picking your Lhaso apso up off the ground everytime it meets a dog will just wind up all dogs at involved
Rant over its been a hard week haha


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My springer/lab cross. She's 12 months and completely nuts!



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Me and the missus have just reserved a English Bulldog, going to be a few months yet but can't wait!


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I've got 2 cockers at the moment, lovely natured but slightly mad. I would love a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, real gentle giants, but it would be too big to fit in the S5 lol.


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Cocker spaniel for me. Also like Kerry blue and wire hair fox terriers.


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Just gone from a salon to a sport back so the dog can ride in the back.


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I've got 6 dogs
Tyson - rotty
Daisy- Boston terrier
Crystal- Boston terrier
Belle- Boston terrier
Frank - red Boston terrier
Angie - 12 mth old British bulldog rescued at 5 mths old from Abu
Dhabi on my way home from work got plenty of pics

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Our two. Fred the English Springer and Barney a Beagle+Jack Russell. Fred we had from a pup and is a big softy, totally nuts and excellent with the kids. Barney well, wired !!! They do get on well and enjoy a good rough up as well as sleeping together.

Devon A3

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Our two, Fred the English Springer, and Barney a Beagle + Jack Russell. Fred we have had from a pup, lovely dog, big softy, excellent with the kids. Barney, well best word for him Wired ! He's a rescue and has some funny ways, petrified of newspaper, so someone has obviously had a go at him.


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Hi guys,

Never used to be a 'dawg' person myself - but with the missus took one trip to Dogs Trust and left with a Jack Russell called Archie. Poor fella had been given away three times already. Two years later, and we still can't comprehend how such an affectionate, intelligent & lively dog could be passed on by 3 families! Yeah he's mega active with a ball, but he's a Jack Russell - that's what you expect!

Anyway - here's a picture of him driving my Audi :). He's also found a bit of fame on my Instagram page - well more than me, I still don't get selfies so make do with pics of the dog.


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