what is the real differences of G13 / G12 audi coolants


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i recently went to audi to pick up some coolant and they asked which one do i need?
i had no clue what they were talking about. the parts guy said one is the newer one and the other was the older one. he had no other knowledge about it.

im pretty curious now what is the real differences. why is there two types? [audi G13 & G12 versions]

for our cars would using after market be ok? or is there something really delicate about these cars that i really need to keep with using audi coolant even if i flush it all out and replace the entire system with an aftermarket brand?

audi sure makes things more complicated than it should be. i feel like the left hand isnt talking to the right hand when engineering comes to play.


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And then there is G12+ and G12++ also. In my owners manual it says use G13 coolant, if absolute necessary I can use G12++.
I'd guess its down to additives and corrosion protection.

Here is a quite good picture showing what can be mixed and what not. But I'd go for the coolant specified in the manual or a full coolant swap and flush.


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You can't buy G12 anymore. Or shouldn't be able to from VW at least. All G12 products are Glycol based which is bad for the environment. G13 is Glycerine based and comes as a concentrate you dilute with distilled water (also discontinued I think).
G12evo is confusing also Glycerine based and the latest and greatest. Its basically G13 with additional Phosphate additives (P-Si-OAT). You are not meant to dilute this making it very expensive. Most people I assume don't care and dilute it anyway but Audi and the coolant manufactures specifically warn against this.


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Glysantin G65 - G12evo and avaible as concentrate, even with postage its possible still better value than buying direct from VW
Glysantin G48 -G11
Glysantin G40 - G12++
Glysantin G30 - G12
G13 - VW TL 774 J Motul, Eurol and various others make this