What have you done to your 8V today?

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A3 Sportback
Mid range speakers are 3" but had to build a custom bracket. I was told 4" speakers would potentially rub on the window at the back.
Yes that is true unfortunately, the stock amp doesn't have enough power to push my Rainbow speakers to its full potential, but the overall sound shows much more quality and richness which I wanted. Kinda puts me in a position having to purchase an external 4 channel amp..

What size speaker is the middle one? I want to add it to my a.s.s., however, not sure if stock internal amp can pushes enough power to support.

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Set a mouse trap in the engine bay......

Washing it earlier & saw a mouse running across the crash bar behind the front grille!
Definitely wanted that sorted, and quick!


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Stage 1 tune


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Dropped car off at Audi today to get one of my rear parking sensors replaced. One sensor failed and the whole system has a hissy fit anytime any of the other sensors are activated, really annoying.

Got a new Q3 to play with for a bit. Nice car but I think I'm spoiled with the engine in the S3, this 2L TDI really takes its time to pick up speed :sweatsmile:


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Front and rear footwell light retrofit. Pulling the panels was genuinely difficult. Wasn’t able to drop the glovebox as something remained attached somewhere.


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This might help
Yeah, I didn't take out the MMI because I don't have the keys. I bet that's the reason why the glovebox didn't drop.

Either way, I think I botched up the coding because the footwell lights remained on this morning while I drove the car.
Added a 10 micron fuel filter. Something is clearly contaminated as there was an immediate difference in fuel delivery when this was added.

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Excuse me !!

Firstly, I think you need some manners.

Secondly, I think you need to take a proper look at the car and have a more elaborate question.
I think he's a bit of a troll mate judging by most of his comments on other posts.

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Yes Mike has excellent manners. You seem to think it’s ok to come on here and wind everyone up with your attitude @Peto well it stops right now. If you have nothing constructive or useful to contribute then don’t post.


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Yes Mike has excellent manners. You seem to think it’s ok to come on here and wind everyone up with your attitude @Peto well it stops right now. If you have nothing constructive or useful to contribute then don’t post.
+1 thanks Sandra as always

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So acoording you calling me idiot is excellent manners?
Woow is this how you talk normally in your family ?woow I will show this on fb and public and ask if calling idiot is excellent manners.. From Sandra clapping..
Ar you from uk? I presume so as you are most rudest ppl in the world.. Tell me what I have done here?? Show me?!?!

In my experience if you post a reasoned point of view on this forum, whether it agrees with or differs from someone else’s opinion, then you’ll be welcomed with respect and your posts will add to the forum’s lively community. On the flip side, pal, the semi-literate, confusing and ignorant nonsense you’ve been posting on here recently (the above post is a masterclass in stupid) just confirms your lack of intelligence. And you just insulted our Sandra, who is a very measured, polite and good person. Therefore please slither off and try not to make a mess as you leave. Goodbye
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Installed my AFE Magnum FORCE Stage-2 CAI with the Pro DRY S Filter! Some hate the sound others love it, I sure love it ;) Although I will put my hood insulation back on to reduce the noise just a little.

Here is a picture and some videos:
(FYI the JB4 is not mounted properly in the below image)

IMG_3794 (Large).JPG


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I, ripped of the rear bumper as the rear quarter panel air vents had snapped and fell out and caused a leak in the boot. Replaced and all good.

Ripped off the boot trim to ensure the jet washer was not leaking and all good.

Removed the outer and inner lights and looking to upgrade to facelift lights.

Step 1 of the mods :)