What gearbox?


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Hi All

I've just bought a 2014 A6 3.0TFSi and am struggling to nail down the gearbox. I keep reading about an 8 speed auto as standard but I think I'm reading the U.S. spec. The car shows up to 7th so am assuming the s-tronic 7 speed. Help:

Country code:ARE
Model year:2014
Description:A6 Sal. qu. 3.0 V6228 A7S
Sales model:4G201Y
Production date:2013-09-03
Engine code:CGWD
Gearbox code PXF


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Thanks! That is mighty good news. Learning more about this machine every day and finding it a very pleasurable experience. Looks like I kicked the BMW habit at the right time.

Further to this. Is there anything I should be on the lookout for with the gearbox. I've experienced it as a different animal to a torque converter gearbox and the sensations are different for sure. It has surged on me once while very slow crawling and when I depressed the accelerator, it initially did not react for a sec or 2 but then leapt away with a bit more than gusto! Also found that on occasion it'll take what seems a long while (2secs approx) before shifting down to overtake on the highway. I'm inclined to think it's my old auto habits not working with this gearbox. Tell me