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What engine issues have you had with your 3.2

Chillout Jun 4, 2013

  1. Chillout

    Chillout Registered User

    Hi everyone I just wondered what engine related issues you have had with your 3.2 and how the were solved my car has had the usual stuff like coil packs and software updates but I am still not happy with the way it runs ?
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  3. discostu49

    discostu49 Registered User

    Never had an issue what's up with yours ??
  4. Chillout

    Chillout Registered User

    Mine seems to idle quite lumpy however the software update improved this it's not as smooth as I remember my mk4 r32 was but it only had 6 k on it but that said my car only has 36k on it I have noticed my secondary air pump runs occasionally even with a hot engine that made me think I have a dodgy oxygen sensor but have never had any engine related codes in the year I have owned it i even wonder if I have a dodgy flywheel possibly seized any help would be appreciated.
  5. autolatry

    autolatry Registered User

    Im on my lunch hour at work so i dont have enough time to list everything. Id need a good half a day to list it all.

    ive not had the update but when warm it ran / runs like ****.

    New plugs, coils, MAF, vacuum hoses (lambda sensors were replaced by previous owner) didnt cure it.
    Il let you know if the HG and timing chains fixes it in the next couple of weeks.

    Im starting to think it may be preignition but its just another assumption.
  6. Chillout

    Chillout Registered User


    Mine starts rough and fast from cold runs reasonable for a while then when at normal temp has almost like a slight miss it drives me up the wall.
  7. screechmr2

    screechmr2 I love beer

    Mine used to break down every few weeks, would cut out, restart and cut out after every press of the accelerator. Fault code was always maf sensor, if that was disconnected it wouldn't even run. Then after a while it would work perfectly. Garage could find nothing wrong as it would be working perfectly for them. After googling it I found it was a common problem but no one was too sure what was wrong. After more googling I decided it was the throttle body as it automatically recalibrates itself, cleaned it now I'm breakdown free.

    Other than that I've got a split flexi and the small fan has packed up
  8. Chillout

    Chillout Registered User

    I aligned my throttle body however in my case it made no odds even after cleaning no simple fix for me as usual lol.
  9. TAC

    TAC Registered User

    Mine runs fine but its an 06 so later engine I heard there were a lot of isues with earlier engines which is why I went for a later one I've had it 4 1/2 years now and its never missed a beat. Always serviced at Audi so has had all updates and colis replaced last service as Audi sis a recall on them so didn't cost me anything.

    If anyone is looking to buy a 3.2 I wll be sadly parting with mine towards then end of this month. 3.2 2006 3dr DSG S-line in Avus Blue, with standard BBS CH wheels in Pescara (Silver but slightly dark tinge very nice imo), Flat bottom MF Steering wheel, RNSe, Cruise Control. 75k on clock Full Service history. meticuliously maintained, alloys in perfect condition body work imaculate. If your interested PM me.

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