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What does the camshaft sensor "read"?

Tiprat Nov 24, 2020

  1. Tiprat

    Tiprat Registered User

    Ok so this might appear a strange question but bear with me. I'd like to know what the camshaft sensor reads....
    I've had to replace my camshaft sensor due to it being worn through....
    Having found the problem....it's the steel backing plate behind the top cambelt sprocket. If you look at it closely it normally has a few steel lugs on that are bent over at 90degrees. Several of mine were bent almost straight and these are what were causing the problem. They wore through the plastic casing, causing it to fail, so I tried to bend them back and they snapped off.
    So if the camshaft sensor reads the top sprocket then there's no issue, however if it reads the lugs on the steel backing plate then it's a little problem as some are missing so it won't start as easily.
    Hence the question.
    Hopefully one of you gurus will be able to answer me.

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