what does a standard inspection service entail

this has now popped up on my display

i do not need oil or brake pads etc

my warranty has also now expired so just wondering do people continue to use their main audi dealer or do they now look elsewhere


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As far as I know - Inspection just refers to a general check of the vehicle (disks, pads, exhaust etc...), although I do not have a definitive list. You should get a video and general condition report of any items needing attention.

It will include oil & filter, however there are other items that need to be replaced depending on mileage (e.g. DSG oil every 40k, fuel filter every 40k, etc...etc...).

I understand Audi offers fixed price service plans - https://www.audi.co.uk/owners-area/service-plans.html - but cannot comment on whether this offers real value for money. If it were me, and the car out of warranty, I would look for an independent specialist (mine is a company car so not really a consideration for me).