What do you think? False advetising or not.

Sh!t. Honestly I thought they would be aluminium. Where would I get a set of chrome mirrors without having to go to the stealers. By the way Dave your right. Received them in the post today. To say I am not happy is an understatement.
well Alu Matt finish could also mean they are finished in matt, not shiney IMHO tbh.

Worth a complaint if you are unhappy
Why not ask the seller?

Probably best, you have 7 days to decide you don't want to keep the covers (for whatever reason, not happy with them, don't suit your requirements or what you thought they were going to be like) under Distance Selling Regulations and as long as you send them back for a full refund. Under the same selling regs, you shouldn't even be liable for return postage costs as the listing was IMHO more than slightly misleading. Contact seller and see what they say.
Dave, you may aswell bend over, spread your **** cheeks and ask the guy to ram them up your ****.

Mate they have had your pants down, get them sent back and get a full refund, noway are they worth over £120, you could spray your own covers for less than £20 quid and theyd be better quality.
Yeah Dani I know. I am fuc**ng furious. If they were made from aluminium I would'nt have minded so much, but PLASTIC, forget it. I have sent a message to the seller demanding a refund including postage, so just waiting on a reply to see what they say.
Haha, i will dave :).

TBF ebay sellers are taking the **** lately, ive just been done with injector seals, no way near as expensive as this though but still winds you up.
Dave we all get shafted, metophorically speaking of course, unless, erm well lets not go there. Just put it down to experience, hope you get your money back.

I saw these a while ago and asked the seller if they were alloy or plastic.
He replied with something confusing like "They are blah blah blah grade blah, just like the genuine ones" - basically a fancy type of plastic like the ones on an 8P S3.
Yeah still waiting on a reply, if I dont hear back by the end of today I will open a case with ebay and paypal. The sad thing is looking through the sellers history quite a few people have purchased these and seem to be very happy with them. WTF, now these people must have money to burn on some very expensive plastic. Its not even a smooth finish either. To be honest they look sh?te and I want my money back.
Received a reply.


Sorry if you are unsatisfied.

Of course the material is ABS.
It is the same material as all normal/regular Audi mirrors (also like yours).

Some years ago, it was possible to buy Aluminium mirrors by the Audi company, but the price was nearly 600 €.

Our whole company sold more than 1000 different Audi mirror caps around the world without any problem or negative feedback.

Only one client from Italy sent back the caps and liked a refund.
But he had broken some clips and my boss involved ebay about this member.

All other clients were satisfied and a lot of these clients sent photos with the installed caps.

Therefore we can`t understand, that you are the only customer who don`t like these mirrors.

But all people are different and it is your decision.

Of course, you can send back the item to

Juhn GmbH
Auf Lischeid 11
56579 Hardert


But we must work like the ebay rules/terms und can`t pay the delivery costs.

Kindly Regards
Juhn GmbH

My name is Juergen
(and sorry for my English).

I am still demanding he covers postage costs.
They are complete alu matt mirror housings (not just stick over) and they are a direct replacement for the original coloured mirror housings.

Alu(minium) is a material, not a colour.

Thus saying They are complete aluminium mirror housings is not describing them right.

Get a paypal dispute opened for item not as described.
I sent them this message this morning.

According to the Distance Selling Regulations which is what ebay work by, you should cover postage as the advert is misleading. No where in the advert does it state these are made from abs, but continually mentions Alu/Matt finish. Also the picture with the mirrors on the car is misleading as they are genuine chrome. So I will find out what the postage costs will be in a few minutes and let you know. I hope this can be resolved without getting any 3rd parties involved.


I then received this message back this afternoon.


Sorry, but I know only these facts:

We sold more than 1000 Audi mirrors by our accounts in UK, USA and Germany.
Not one client had a problem with the mirrors.
Not one had a problem with the description and not one left a neutral or negative feedback.
All accounts have a positive feedback rate of 100%.
We never write that the material is Aluminium, because Audi built the last Aluminium caps for the models 96 to 99.
The price of these caps was very high.
The new chromed OEM Audi caps cost around 600€ and the material is also ABS.

Why can one of 1000 people mean/think he gets Aluminium caps?
Why have one people problem with the description?
Why did this people not send a question before he ordered?
And why want this only people the money back for the return shipment.

I don`t know the mentality of our customers and therefore I don`t never know if any ebay member want to damage our business and leave a bad feedback or if another people like additional money or perhaps likes to blackmail.

Therefore I must be careful and will give the case in the hand of my boss.
He comes back on weekend.

He can talk about this case with our ebay contact man.
That is a safety for us if an ebay member left a bad feedback which is not like the ebay rules.

Then ebay can decide about the details.

Sorry, but I´m only a small employee and therefore I don`t want to take any risk.

Please try to understand my situation.

Kindly Regards


The funny thing is, I have personally contacted other people who have purchased this same item from this seller and all have been disappointed. I dont know where he is getting the idea that I am in some way trying to blackmail them. All I want is my money back for them to pay for the return postage which is all of 8euro and they can have their crappy covers back.
I have just replied with this message.

Yes I understand your situation as an employee that you probably can not authorize such transactions. I dont think I am asking for much. All I want is a full refund and for your company to cover the 8 euro postage fee to return the items.
I do not see how I am trying to blackmail anyone. If this can not be resolved I will take a legitimate route and open a dispute with ebay and paypal.
You could also state in your advert that the mirror covers are made from ABS as it is very unclear when the title of the advert states Audi A3 S3 8L [01-02] Alu/Matt Finish Mirror Cap Covers, which may be interperated by some as being made from aluminum, as aluminium is of course a metal not a colour.
Hopefully this can be resolved soon.


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