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What do you think £4k would buy me?

Fanboy Apr 3, 2018

  1. Fanboy

    Fanboy An Audi Fanboy

    Hi everyone, hope you had a good long weekend

    Budget = £4k to £4.5k

    As the title suggests I've got about £4k to spent but was wondering if £4k would actually buy me anything... I have got Audi S3 8L with less than 100k mileage in mind but not quite sure if I could find any decent S3 for that price or do you reckon it's possible?

    I've also been looking LCRs as I'm able to find some good ones for that price but not quite sure if they worth as much, I know it's not 4WD but even S3 isn't 4WD unless it gets wheel spins... I'm not that fussed about its drive train, but I'm more of a good clean car that keeps me busy having fun not revisiting mechanics.

    What do you generally think?

    Also, what do you think of these two LCRs listed below, they both want 4k...



    Thanks in advance :)
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  3. FaisalJ

    FaisalJ Active Member

    If not S3 or LCR - how about a mk5 golf Gti?

    Dependable, tuneable, and fun! Bit nicer inside than the seat too

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